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Privacy Policy

1. Concerning our policies on privacy protection
We wish to clarify that the collection and use of personal information is intended to achieve its objectives in an appropriate manner and it will only be used to the extent that is deemed necessary. Also, unless there are reasonable grounds by law or with the consent of the individual, your personal information will in no case be provided or disclosed to third parties.
2. Handling of personal information
Our customers can rest assured that we only ask of them the minimum amount of personal information needed to provide our services, which are only the customer's user ID, password, e-mail address and IP address. Any other personal information, such as credit card information, will be handled by the payment company.
3. Reasons for the use of personal information
As stated in the first article of this policy, gathering of personal information from our customers is solely meant for providing services to these same customers. Part of these services at times require contact in the form of e-mail. This also means that any e-mails from our customers will be registered in our e-mail service's inbox. Our site holds all responsibility for keeping and handling this personal information and therefore this process is strictly managed by our site.
4. Concerning the access log
At our site we record access logs from our customers. The information in these access logs encompasses our customers' IP addresses, access dates and times, and general use of our content. Information on general trends in use of our site by customers gathered in this manner may be used for analysis. We'd like our customers to know that this information will be used to further improve our services to all our customers.
5. Organization / structure
This site will continuously improve and implement the appropriate management of personal information, of which the responsibility will be held by our company's administratory and managing staff.
6. Concerning safe management of personal information
Our site employs an appropriate management system which ensures necessary precautions and remedial action if needed in order to protect personal information from unauthorized access, theft etc. due to loss, destruction, falsification or leakage et cetera. In addition, in case you decide to entrust the handling of your personal data to trustees selected according to Anan-av's criteria, Anan-av will control and supervise the process to ensure appropriate managing in accordance with the agreement.
7. Concerning publication of personal information
Our site will never pass on any personal information of our customers to third parties, unless we receive approval of this release from these customers directly. However, in rare cases where our site is ordered by an official court or other official governmental institution or where governing laws demand it, publication may occur. In addition, certain companies with which we have entered into a confidentiality agreement, such as system administration contractors and payment companies, are able to access certain parts of our customers' personal data.
8. Continuous improvements on this policy
We will continuously review and improve this privacy policy in the view of possible changes in the site's business activities, or changes in laws and regulations, social changes, IT related developments et cetera surrounding these business activities.