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Downloading and playing movies
Downloading and playing movies
■ Q1-1 What kind of computer specifications do I need?

The required specifications for this site are the following:

・CPU speed: 300 MHz or faster
・Memory: 256 MB or more
・Internet connection: ADSL, Cable or better
・CPU speed: G4 400 MHz or faster
・Memory: 128 MB or more
・Internet connection: ADSL, Cable or better
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■ Q1-2 Is there a download limit?

In order to provide equal services to all our customers, we do not permit more than 6 GB to be downloaded per person per day. In the unlikely case that you've reached our site's 1 day download limit, please wait until the next day or midnight in Japanese standard time (JST) and you will be able to download again. Furthermore, if you start a download for 21 times or more within 1 hour, you will reach the hourly download limit. We request that you do not download more than 20 movies an hour and no more than 3 movies at the same time. In case you reach this hourly download limit, please wait some time before attempting to download from our site again.

» Download and install Windows Media Player (free).

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■ Q1-3 Can I use download software to download packages of movies?

We 're very sorry, but we do not allow the use of download software such as Reget or download managers such as FDM, since these may cause slowdowns or even errors on the server.
We kindly ask you to use your standard browser to download from our website.
Please be advised that the use of download software or download managers may result in warnings, restriction of access or even immediate temporary or permanent suspension of your account. In case of suspension of the account there will be no refunds.

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■ Q1-4 I can't seem to download with my Macintosh!

Please click the Download start button while holding the ctrl key and a function menu should appear. Please choose "Download the link to disk" from the menu. In order to play the movie we recommend Quicktime (plug-in "Flip4Mac" will need to be installed).
*The free version of Flip4Mac is only for playing movies.

» Download the free version of Flip4Mac for viewing movies.

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■ Q1-5 All of a sudden I can't download anything anymore!
[ Download limit reached ]
In order to provide equal services to all our members, our site has a one day download limit of 6 GB for normal members and 10 GB for EX members. In case you've reached this limit, please wait until. midnight Japanese standard time before retrying to download.
*Since our site is operated from abroad, the actual time may differ slightly.
furthermore, we have a download limit of 20 scenes per hour. Please wait until 1 hour has passed since your first download before attempting your 21st download.
[ ID / password not accepted ]
Pleaase make sure you filled in your ID/password correctly and that renewal payments did not fail.
In case you filled in an invalid user ID / password, the following message will be displayed: User ID / password incorrect.
In case the message "Membership expired" is displayed, your membership renewal payment probably failed. In case you do not know the reason for log in failure, please contact our support team here: Customer support
[ Incompatible software ]
A reason for this problem may be blocking by your security software. Please make sure to update your security software or temporarily disable the program.
Furthermore, you may be experiencing network problems. Please check if your network and internet connection are working properly.
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■ Q1-6 Is there a limit for how many times I can watch a movie?

Our content is completely DRM free and can be enjoyed any number of times after downloading.

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■ Q1-7 Is this site virus free?

Please rest assured that there is absolutely no chance of a virus infection while using our site. However, we do recommend the use of updated security software at all times while using the internet.

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■ Q1-8 How can I watch mp4 movies with my mobile device?

In order to copy mp4 movies to your mobile device, we recommend using iTunes. In case you do not have iTunes installed yet, please follow the link below to download iTunes free. You can enjoy our mp4 movies on your PC using QuickTime.

» Download iTunes / QuickTime for free

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